We Help Home Inspectors

Promote Inspection Services

The "buyer" inspection is often the only inspection service sold by home inspection companies. However, there are other reasons for homeowners to have their homes inspected well beyond the initial buyer inspection. Homeowners don't buy these secondary and ancillary inspections because they simply don't know about them. The OneSpect Marketing System inherently introduces these unknown inspections and promotes their value.

Simplify Communication

The OneSpect Marketing System provides every participating inspector with a OneSpect Personal Business Portal (PBP) that allows referrers and clients to access vital assets and stay in touch with the inspector. It also allows people to easily share the inspector with others via email, text, or social media. It is a very simple browser-based application that people can "pin" to their smartphone and tablet homescreens in just seconds.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

The average inspector performs one inspection per client and then has to seek out new clients. Using an intelligent incentive-based marketing strategy, inspectors can turn a single inspection into a "pre-scheduled" secondary inspection. This benefits the client as well since they can pre-plan a more effective home management strategy that serves their need to protect the fiscal, and physical, value of their homes by planning ahead.

Become More Competitive

Becoming more competitive isn't a matter of reducing prices. It is a combination of proven strategies such as "incentive marketing" and "permission marketing" in a way that benefit referrers and clients. People will do business with an inspector if they see the VALUE in doing so. Otherwise, one inspector looks just like another inspector on paper. The OneSpect Marketing System simplifies relationship-building using common sense and generosity.